Today we create tools to improve the energy efficiency of buildings. Gradhermetic is the perfect example of a historical company that went from focusing on the product to focusing on the customer, on their current and future needs. Since our foundation in 1954 we have pursued a great goal: to facilitate the optimal coexistence between light, temperature, buildings and people.

Metal Ceilings

The different series of metal ceilings and claddings of Gradhermetic, with their multiple profiles, sizes and forms of placement, give the designer a huge range of possibilities to generate visual “textures”, bidirectional homogeneity or clear directionality, transparency or opacity, fixed or variable rhythms, flat or curved surfaces, etc.

Their ceilings composed of linear slats (Series PHALCEL) of very different shapes or of trays (Series PHALPLAC) and their claddings (Series PHALMUR) allow the resolution of the diverse needs and intentions of the architect. All this with an exceptional quality, optimizing the concepts of absorption and acoustic isolation and within a contained economic framework.


The different louver families allow the architect to respond to the functional, environmental and economic requirements that are presented in each work. They offer a set of alternatives with different and flexible expressive possibilities that adapt to the diverse intentions and projects of the designer.

Both the abstraction of visual sieves and the figurative, expressionist and technological impact of the great slats can be obtained using the material, conformation and size variants of the different series, and provide the building with the energy efficiency that the solar protections provide at the same time as some of the fundamental components of plastic image.


The different series of adjustable blinds, whether they are retractable or roller, provide endless possibilities to adjust the light, the views and the protection, from the most complete connection, open, to a more complete barrier, closed, passing through innumerable degrees of filtering. All with elements of high formal quality and reliable technology that guarantees its performance for a very long period of time. This diversity of positions generates facades, in principle regular, the infinite configurations and pixelated that the interior life of the building generates.

The range of roller blinds offers privacy, security and sun protection with a high aesthetic level with our curved drawer systems, which enhance and add value to the facade.