Representation of household Marmicoc line in regions

Spanish Company CANTRA S.L., owner of Marmicoc brand, extended the representation of its new Marmicoc Small Electro Kitchen products line to Mar del Sur Spa on September 2018, to be able to import and market their electro domestic products at a national level.

As a result of the good management and distribution that Mar del Sur had with this line of electro domestic; On March 21st, 2019, CANTRA S.L. in addition, extends to Mar del Sur Spa, through its company SEARCH S.A., the representation of its Household Marmicoc line. So that they can import and market the products at a Regional level, giving special focus to the traditional channel and regional customers.

SEARCH S.A. company with years of experience in the kitchen and table market, committed to making the greatest efforts to enhance the placement and participation of this line Marmicoc Household in Regions of the Country.