Mar del Sur SpA was founded in 1974 by Don Antonio Pi Barral and was started born with the mission of being an Importer and Distributor that commercializes products that allow a better quality life for Chilean families.

The first imported products were heating plates 45 years ago, and thus, thanks to the work, perseverance and vision of its founder, new products were incorporated and entered in new business areas.

Today Mar del Sur is a company that is present in four business areas: Home-Retail, Industrial, Architecture and Construction and Healthy Food, with presence at the National level, a network of Distributors and present in all sales channels, and with brands as important as: Scaldasonno, LG in Air Conditioning, Kendal, Gradhermetic, Evair, Terraillon, to name some of the most relevant.

Since our nature of importer, distributor and Marketer have always been very clear, it implies a great commitment and close work with our suppliers or represented hand to hand, today many as strategic partners, and also commitment with each and every one of our customers or sales channels.

As a family business and having a clear constant challenge of new sales channels, technological development and the needs of our customers, we have incorporated over time professionals in different areas of the company, to which take regular courses of training and improvement.

The interest to grow year after year is permanent, but in a solid and responsible way, with this today Mar del Sur has Corporate Offices and a Distribution Center with 15,000 square meters for the logistics operation of all our business areas.

Its General Manager and Legal Representative is Mr. Antonio Pi Plubins and his Comptroller is Ms. Marisol Pi Plubins.

Antonio Pi Barral (founder RIP), Lina Plubins Romeo, Antonio Pi Plubins, Marisol Pi Plubins.

Mission / Views / Values

Since 1974, Mar del Sur has been established as a group of diversified companies in the import and marketing of quality products and excellent after-sales service.


Our mission is to
“Improve the quality of life of people”


To be a reference in each and every one of the markets that we participate, and that each client or company, before making its purchase decision, considers us as a quality option, serious and of great support. This, with work and absolute commitment to our suppliers, seriousness and professional work in each of the sales channels where our products are sold.


The values ​​that have allowed us to grow and consolidate over time, and in each business area we participate in, are:

  • Seriousness in our work.
  • Concern and commitment with our suppliers.
  • Clarity and seriousness in the relationship with our customers or sales channels.
  • Clear guidance to the market and the changing needs of our users or end customers.
  • High quality products.
  • Concern for our people, in a cooperative work and team